apps2:bundleCreates an apps2 bundle, also calls jarPackage,configPackage,createDependendPackages. the should be suitable for sharing.
apps2:jarPackageCreates an apps2 java/jar package for the project jar
apps2:configPackageCreates an apps2 config/basic package for the project (stores the config dir in a jar)
apps2:createDependendPackagesCreates apps2 java/jar packages for the project dependencies. This works only if the depenencies's group is not the same as the current project group. If you want to create a java/jar package for a dependent package that is part of you group (say mmapps) then go to that project and run the apps2:jarPackage target). If you have a dependent package that is not in your current group and you don't want to generate a jarPackage for that artifact add a property (apps2.depend=false) to your* dependency

nodepend example

if you have an external depenecies that you don't want to publish in the bundle add apps2.depend=false to that dependency.