installing maven


Getting stated is always hard. First of all if you only want to start using mmapps packages the best thing todo is not to read this page at all but read the site documentation and download the jars from the distributions. On the other hand if you want to help with mmapps you have to read this page and go throug the process of installing maven

installing maven[guru way]

Download maven

tar zxvf maven-1.0.tar.gz
ln -s maven-1.0 maven
edit ~/.bash_profile
and "source" your profile (or close all windows and reboot)
. ~/.bash_profile
now test if it all works
 __  __
|  \/  |__ _Apache__ ___
| |\/| / _` \ V / -_) ' \  ~ intelligent projects ~
|_|  |_\__,_|\_/\___|_||_|  v. 1.0
If you see something similar. you are ready to maven. take some time to learn about the ideas behind maven. and read the getting started on the maven website

customising maven

Now you know everything about maven it's time to customize maven so it kowns about the mmapps repository. In the mmapps cvs repository we keep 2 files from wich every mmapps project make use. The first one is mmapps-project.xml and defines the location of the cvs and the default reports to create. The second one define the defaults for the most used maven plugins. If you want to override the plugin defaults edit ~/ (one of the default locations to store global configurations) or to alter the mmapps-project.xml override the defaults in your project.xml file. The minimal configuration required in your ~/ is the following.


Maven and windows

Getting maven to run on windows machines might be a bit more difficult, if you want to deploy to a remote repository and are not running cygwin you a least need to add the following lines to you personal so that maven uses the putty scp copy programs. You also need to start the putty agent: pageant and load it with your sourceforge private key.

maven.scp.args=-q -batch -1 -i c:\apps\putty\identity.ppk
maven.ssh.args=-batch -1 -i c:\apps\putty\identity.ppk


While you now have all those maven goodies, you still are nowhere without sources

Since every project stands on it's own just pick one, goto the documentation sections , find out wheren the cvs is located get the sources. You are now ready to run

most used maven commands

maven siteCreate the project site (result in target/docs)
maven site:deployPublish the site on
maven jarCreate a jar file containing the compiled code for you app
maven jar:installInstall the jar on your local repository so that other modules can use it
maven jar:deployPublish the jar to
maven eclipseCreate a eclipse .project file
maven uberjarCreate a jar file containing all the jars used by the project
maven xdocgenerate the user documentation(ussefull when you are writing xdocs and maven site takes to long)
maven jnlpcreate a webstart application and sing the archieves
maven multi:site deploythis can be called to redeploy all the mmapps sites (to be called from the mmapps directory)