MMBase Lucene Module: install

this section is under construction

  • install standard mmbase webapp (1.8.0-head was tested by keesj)
  • install the mynews example in the mmbase admin
  • configure the mmbase webapp to use "el" (copy web-2.4.xml to web.xml)
  • check that this is working
  • download
  • unpack
  • copy the index definition to the mmbase config (cp config/luceneindexdefinition.xml ~/server/webapps/mmbase/WEB-INF/config/)
  • copy the mmbase module configuration to the mmbaseconfig /modules directory (cp config/modules/lucenemodule.xml ~/server/webapps/mmbase/WEB-INF/config/modules/)
  • copy lucenemodule-1.7.0.jar and the required libs to the WEB-INF/lib directory (cp lucenemodule-1.7.0.jar lib/* ~/server/webapps/mmbase/WEB-INF/lib/)
  • cp search.jsp ~/server/webapps/mmbase/

javax.servlet.ServletException: n is not a Context, but a java.lang.String => mmbase webapp not well configured (copy web-2.4.xml to web.xml touch search.jsp)

java.lang.NullPointerException<init>( => indexing not yet finised