UML2MMBase and MMBase2UML


UML2MMBase is a code generation tool that can be used to convert a UML model of the MMBase cloud into a basic MMBase application. UML2MMBase can greatly speed up development of MMBase applications while enforcing a well documented cloud model.

UML2MMBase has been developed by the Finalist IT Group and has been made open source since the 1.3 release. Older versions of UML2MMBase can be found at the website.

UML2MMbase: Generate a complete MMBase application from UML!

The latest release supports MMBase 1.7 and supports the UML tools Poseidon 2.x and MagicDraw 8.x.

UML2MMBase generates the following artifacts:

  • MMBase builder definitions
  • Application configuration file
  • Edit Wizards
  • JSP Menu and search pages to access the Edit Wizards

UML2MMBase works with UML Class diagrams based on the UML 1.4 definition. We've tested UML2MMBase with the free UML Tool Poseidon for UML.

MMBase2UML: Generate a UML model from your object cloud!

There is als support for the reversed process: MMBase2UML. It is possible to create a UML model from an existing MMBase application.

We believe UML2MMBase will help the development of professional CMS applications with MMBase.