Class MMBaseDoclet

  extended bycom.sun.javadoc.Doclet
      extended bynet.sf.mmapps.modules.mmbasedoclet.MMBaseDoclet

public class MMBaseDoclet
extends com.sun.javadoc.Doclet

MMBaseDoclet is a javadoc doclet to create MMBase object models based on javadoc comments in files in a package. The doclet introduces new tags.

Application tags that give information about the MMBase application
mmbase-application-name defines the name of the application required
mmbase-application-depends denotes an application depends of an other application not required (muliple allowed)
mmbase-application-extends denotes that application extends an other application(the application wil first be loaded) then the javadoc application will added to the applicatio it extends. it is possible to extend from multiple other applications not required(multiple allowed)
mmbase-required-nodemanager denotes the an application requires a certain node manager but the node manager is node deliverd in the application
NodeManager tagsthat define node managers
mmbase-nodemanager-name defines the name of a node manager this should always be the first tag to use when you are trying to define a nodemanager required and unique
mmbase-nodemanager-extends defines what configuration the nodemanager extends values van be object and insrel default = "object"
mmbase-nodemanager-classfile defines what java class file the node manager should use. if you haven't writen a special MMObjectBuilder is is best not to define this tag, the class file will be taken from the node manager configuration this object extends not required
mmbase-nodemanager-version integer value giving information about the version of the nodemanager default ="1"
mmbase-nodemanager-maintainer autho/organisation maintaining the node manager default =""
mmbase-nodemanager-searchage default value in days for wich nodes from this nodemanager should not been show in the editor default ="360"
mmbase-nodemanager-field defines a field for the node manager. this value main contain 3 strings.
  • the name of the field
  • the type of the field (MMBase types like STRING/INTEGER) default = STRING
  • the size of the field (default is 127 if applicable)
not required
Relation type tags that give information about possible relation between nodemanagers
mmbase-relationtype-name defines the name/role of a relation (related,authorrel) required but not unique
mmbase-relationtype-nodemanager defines what nodemanager MMBase should use to store it's relation data. for example by using the posrel node manager one aditional field "pos" is available. The field contains the name of the nodemanager. the nodemanager should extend the insrel node manager (default = "insrel")
mmbase-relationmanager-directionality defines the directionalily of the relation. possible values are "bidirectional" and "unidirectional". (default = "bidirectional"
Relation manager tags that give information about possible relation between nodemanagers
mmbase-relationmanager-type defines the name/role of a relation (related,authorrel) required but not unique
mmbase-relationmanager-source defines the source of the relation, this is the name of the nodemanager required
mmbase-relationmanager-destination defines the destination of the relation, this is the name of the nodemanager required

$Id:,v 1.3 2004/05/18 14:51:28 keesj Exp $
Kees Jongenburger

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static net.sf.mmapps.modules.config.FieldConfiguration createFieldConfiguration(java.lang.String data, net.sf.mmapps.modules.config.Configuration config)
static net.sf.mmapps.modules.config.NodeManagerConfiguration createNodeManagerConfiguration(com.sun.javadoc.Tag[] tags, int startIndex, int endIndex, net.sf.mmapps.modules.config.Configuration config)
static net.sf.mmapps.modules.config.RelationManagerConfiguration createRelationManagerConfiguration(com.sun.javadoc.Tag[] tags, int startIndex, int endIndex, net.sf.mmapps.modules.config.Configuration config)
static net.sf.mmapps.modules.config.RelationType createRelationType(com.sun.javadoc.Tag[] tags, int startIndex, int endIndex)
static int optionLength(java.lang.String option)
static boolean start(com.sun.javadoc.RootDoc root)
static boolean validOptions(java.lang.String[][] options, com.sun.javadoc.DocErrorReporter reporter)
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Constructor Detail


public MMBaseDoclet()
Method Detail


public static boolean start(com.sun.javadoc.RootDoc root)


public static int optionLength(java.lang.String option)


public static boolean validOptions(java.lang.String[][] options,
                                   com.sun.javadoc.DocErrorReporter reporter)


public static net.sf.mmapps.modules.config.NodeManagerConfiguration createNodeManagerConfiguration(com.sun.javadoc.Tag[] tags,
                                                                                                   int startIndex,
                                                                                                   int endIndex,
                                                                                                   net.sf.mmapps.modules.config.Configuration config)


public static net.sf.mmapps.modules.config.RelationManagerConfiguration createRelationManagerConfiguration(com.sun.javadoc.Tag[] tags,
                                                                                                           int startIndex,
                                                                                                           int endIndex,
                                                                                                           net.sf.mmapps.modules.config.Configuration config)


public static net.sf.mmapps.modules.config.RelationType createRelationType(com.sun.javadoc.Tag[] tags,
                                                                           int startIndex,
                                                                           int endIndex)


public static net.sf.mmapps.modules.config.FieldConfiguration createFieldConfiguration(java.lang.String data,
                                                                                       net.sf.mmapps.modules.config.Configuration config)

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