MMBase mmbase-module plugin properties

Property name Optional? Description Default
maven.mmbasemodule.src Yes Location of the sources. ${basedir}
maven.mmbasemodule.templates Yes Location of the templates. ${maven.mmbasemodule.src}/templates
maven.mmbasemodule.config Yes Location of the config files. ${maven.mmbasemodule.src}/config
maven.mmbasemodule.examples Yes Location of the examples. ${maven.mmbasemodule.src}/examples Yes Name of the mmbase module to build ${} Yes Target build directory ${}
maven.mmbasemodule.webapp.dir Yes Target location for web sources ${maven.war.webapp.dir}
maven.mmbasemodule.index Yes Create an index list to speed up classloading. JDK 1.3+ specific feature. ${maven.war.index}
maven.mmbasemodule.tld.dir Yes Target location for tlds ${maven.war.tld.dir}
maven.mmbasemodule.config.dir Yes Target location for config files config
maven.mmbasemodule.templates.dir Yes Target location for templates templates
maven.mmbasemodule.examples.dir Yes Target location for examples examples
maven.mmbasemodule.src.includes Yes Sources to include from maven.mmbasemodule.src ${maven.war.src.includes}
maven.mmbasemodule.src.excludes Yes Sources to exclude from maven.mmbasemodule.src ${maven.war.src.excludes}
maven.mmbasemodule.config.includes Yes Sources to include from maven.mmbasemodule.config **
maven.mmbasemodule.config.excludes Yes Sources to exclude from maven.mmbasemodule.config
maven.mmbasemodule.templates.includes Yes Sources to include from maven.mmbasemodule.templates **
maven.mmbasemodule.templates.excludes Yes Sources to exclude from maven.mmbasemodule.templates
maven.mmbasemodule.examples.includes Yes Sources to include from maven.mmbasemodule.examples **
maven.mmbasemodule.examples.excludes Yes Sources to exclude from maven.mmbasemodule.examples