About MMBase module plugin

This plugins enables the physical decomposition of large webapp projects into smaller mmbase-module projects. This plugin simplifies the process of assembling web applications from component mmbase-module projects.

installing the plugin

maven -Dmaven.repo.remote=http://mmapps.sourceforge.net/distributions -DartifactId=maven-mmbbase-module-plugin -DgroupId=mmapps -Dversion=1.0 plugin:download

mmbase module

You will typically execute:

>maven mmbase-module:install

This will compile the classes, assemble the mmbase-module and install it into the local repository.

A single property in your project.properties defines a project as a mmbase module ensuring correct behaviour during multiproject:install



Define the type as you would for any other webapp


Create a maven.xml and add the following:

<postGoal name="war:webapp">
  <attainGoal name="mmbase-module:obtain-modules"/>

mmbase-module plugin dependency

if you want to use it. make your project depend on the plugin (so it will be downloaded when required). to do this add