MMBase is an Open Source Content Management System for which there are many tools available. The MMApps projects aims at maintaining MMBase supporting applications and modules.



The 1.7 release of the Lucenemodule is now available for download!

This release has several improvements and bugfixes.

Some of the new features:

  • Relations in relations searchable.
  • Analyzer configurable.
  • Multiple indexes possible.
  • Boolean field.
  • JSP2 taglib.
  • Search result.
  • Index update/delete.
  • Scheduler.


The next release of the uml2mmbase project v1_4 is now available for download!

  • Support for the Magicdraw 8.0 application:
  • Introduced framework for package dependencies modeled with a MMBasePackage stereotype that can be used for post-generation tasks.
  • Made it possibly to easily customize the generated artifacts by providing the Velocity scripts in the modules directory.
  • Allow to specify application name.
  • Allow for setting a version tagged value for builders.
  • Advanced usage of visibility of classes and attributes for inclusion in wizards, wizard list, search fields and menu.
  • Introduced a "system" tagged value.
  • Support for option lists in relations.
  • Search implemented using the list.jsp